Special Education

Early Learning Resource kit 


Pre School

Pre-School for All Learners (PAL) - Ms. Evelyn Rivera and Ms. Michelle Martinez

Pre-School Comprehensive (PSC) - Ms. Deserie Nunez 

Pre-School Collaborative Classroom/Extended Transitional Kindergarten 

(PCC/ETK) - Ms. Karla Perez  (Sped. Teacher) and Ms. Yoshino Marshall (Gen. Ed. Teacher)

Special Day Class

Special Day Class (SDC) Primary Grades- Ms. Raquel Szamrej

Special Day Class (SDC) Upper Grades - Ms. Aimee Currier

Resource Specialists

Resource Specialist Program (RSP) - Ms. Sandoval (Gr. K-2)

Resource Specialist Program (RSP) - Ms. Blumetti (Gr. 3-5)

Special Education Staff:

Principal - Ms. Flores

APEIS - Mr. Fairchild

MCD Clerk - Ms. Quezada

Adapted Physical Education (APE) Teacher - 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH) Teacher - Ms. Maria Muley

Language and Speech (LAS)  Teacher - Ms. Anelisa Myrick

Psychologist - Ms. Ashton

Physical Therapist (PT) Teacher - Ms. Arlene Tolentino

Recreational Therapist (RT) Teacher - Ms. Teri Woodruff

Occupational Therapist (OT) Teacher - Ms. Debra Chaney

Nurse - Ms. Lazaro


Whole_Child_IEP_PDF_job_aid (1).pdf
ayp-english September 2016.pdf
IEP and You September 2016.pdf
PT Brochure 819.pdf
OT Brochure 819.pdf
APE Brochure.pdf
Att G - LD South PRESS Calendar Spring2020-MEM-083505.pdf
LRE Brochure Spanish 061010.pdf
Parents Guide September 2018 Spanish_.pdf
Parents Guide September 2018 English.pdf
ParentWorkshop Descriptions Spring2020.docx
Spanish ParentWorkshop Descriptions- Spring2020.docx
ATLL Brochure Seven Locations TK 8-28-17.pdf
Psychological Services Brochure SPANISH.pdf
Att I - PRESS Brochure English and Spanish- Spring2020-MEM-083505.pdf